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How To Buy A Quality Men’s Dress Shirt | Tips On Buying Well-Made Men’s Shirts

A quality men’s dress shirt is a wardrobe essential when it comes to dressing sharp. However, with so many options available, knowing what to look for when buying a well-made shirt can take time and effort. In this article, we will provide valuable tips on buying a quality men’s dress shirt that will make you look and feel confident. Ties2you offers a wide range of high quality dress shirts at affordable prices.

How to determine if a dress shirt is of high quality?

The first thing to do is find yourself in a top-quality shirt (or whatever the item is). It doesn’t matter if you purchase it or not, and you aim to build an understanding of what high-quality menswear has to offer in terms of style and comfort.

The most efficient way to accomplish this is to go to the most prestigious menswear shop within your region and look at their top collection of dressy tops. Take time to look at the finer details of this shirt’s buttons, stitching, the feel of the fabric, the construction of the collar, and the cuffs.

Men’s Dress Shirt Fabric

Learning about fabrics is a complicated and crucial one, to be certain; however, I would like to talk about emotions. Take a moment to feel the fabric. Allow the fabric to slide over your arm and hand. It’s that simple. Fabrics that are of high quality feel soft and soft and are hung in a comfortable style.

Choosing the right dress shirt to fit comfortably and move with your body is important. The thicker, smoother fabric on your body throughout the day will be an absolute pleasure that will lift the stage of your comfort and confidence.

Pay Attention to Dress Shirt Finish

It is essential to look at the finishing of dress shirts since it could determine the quality and longevity of the fabric. To examine the quality of the finish, turn the shirt upside down and look for loose threads or poorly stitched plackets and gussets. 

In addition, check the button holes to determine whether they are closed and smooth or loose and poorly stitched. The shirts with a gorgeous finish look great but also are more durable, and the finish on a formal shirt may tell a lot about the overall quality.

Choosing Quality Style Elements Of The Man’s Dress Shirt

If you want to purchase a premium dress shirt, you need to be aware of style aspects such as collars and cuffs. Most dress shirts come with long sleeves, and a traditional button cuff is an excellent option for various occasions. 

A high quality cuff for a dress shirt is free of folds or wrinkles and has straight topstitching. It should also have an ample vent, which could include another button.  French Cuffs can be elegant, but they’re not the sole aspect of the quality of a garment. Both Button Cuffs and French Cuffs can be of good quality. 

Collars also play a major part in the style of a shirt and its overall quality. A good collar should naturally fold and without any tension or diagonal wrinkles. Cutting and sewing collars must be executed precisely for the best dress shirt, and an experienced tailor will ensure that this vital element of the dress is done precisely.

Think about the Shade:

When purchasing a bright red shirt, it is essential to consider Red. Certain shades of Red could match your skin tone and hair colour more than others. For example, a vibrant tomato red could look more attractive if you have a warm complexion or hair colour than a cool blue-toned red.

Be sure to check the material: 

Fabric on the shirt’s fabric is also crucial. You’ll need to pick a comfortable and breathable item, particularly if you intend to wear the shirt during warm conditions. Silk, linen, and cotton silk are all great choices for a vibrant red shirt.